Strategic IT Partner For Your Business

Providing top-tier I.T. services to businesses & communities of the sea to sky corridor.

Commercial Networks

Enterprise-grade wired & wifi networks – monitored, managed and secured for anything from payment processing, remote office working to secure network to network VPN connections

Security & Protection

Advanced perimeter & endpoint protection utilizing heuristic next generation

PC & Mac Support

Our technicians are versed in both PC and Mac support

Point of Sale

Secure network setup to meet your PCI compliance needs for processing payments.

CCTV Networks

Advanced full HD camera systems.  Geofencing alerts, facial recognition, easy to use user interface

Office 365 & GSuite

We manage and maintain 100’s of Office 365 & Gsuite accounts. Extensive experience with full domain migration, GSuite <> Office 365 , secure setup practices, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Outlook, Exchange

Managed Backups

Full managed backup services monitored daily, on-site & offsite data storage in Canada

Remote Management

All systems we install are able to be serviced, supported and monitored remolty – this enables us to give some amazing service response times.

Cloud Hosting

We have extensive experience hosting in AWS, Azure & Google Cloud

VOIP Phone Squamish

Business Phone SYSTEMS

Enterprise Hosted VOIP Phone Systems

Keep control of your communications.  Business phone systems with auto receptionists, call following, advanced ring strategies, voicemail to email, fax to email and many other features to help you connect to your clients.

  • Unlimited North American calling 

  • Low cost International 

  • Unlimited tech support direct from REBOOT I.T. 

  • Brand new handsets, lifetime warranty 

  • Auto Receptionist (IVR) 

  • Number porting 

  • Voicemail to email

  • Call groups, ring strategies, follow me, Call Queues

  • Conference rooms 

  • Fax to E-Mail / E-Mail to Fax

  • Call SPAM blocking

  • E911

  • STIR/SHAKEN Support

  • SMS Support 

Get a VOIP Phone System

backup and recovery

Disaster Recover Services

Your data, current and historical is one or your most valuable assets - its priceless.  Protect it accordingly.  How long can your business afford to be down for, how much data can you afford to lose.  Allow us to ask the tough questions and protect what matters most. on-site backup, archiving, off-site disaster recovery periodic restore tests

  • on-site backup, archiving
  • off-site disaster recovery
  • periodic restore tests
Setup Your Disaster Recovery System


Protect Your Technology

How secure are your systems ?

Have you been the victim of Ransomware ?

REBOOT IT take security very seriously as it is the single largest threat vector.

  • Full Security Evaluation

  • Virus & Ransomware protection

  • Security Consultation

  • Office 365 & G-Suite Hardening

  • Network Firewall Hardening

  • Firewall configuration

Request Security Audit

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